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From commercial to open-source, we use the most advanced, yet cost-efficient, platforms for enterprise, web and mobile development

To stay competitive in the constantly changing technology market, a software vendor has to stay on top of the game by advancing its technical skills.

StylishSoft continues to invest in new technologies, assuring that the newly acquired knowledge translates into expertise across the entire company. StylishSoft has a number of Competence Centers, groups of experienced engineers with specific knowledge in a particular technology stack, which are responsible for monitoring the technology landscape, frameworks and methodologies as well as identifying emerging solutions soon to be demanded by the market.

The Competence Centers investigate promising technologies to gain an expert level of knowledge. Once a group of experts is formed, it develops educational programs and start training developers who wish to acquire new skills. We keep our clients informed of the changing IT landscape, so that they are the first learn of the competitive advantages to be gained by their businesses. For instance, we helped some of our financial technology clients leverage Big Data and Data Visualization in order to build advanced analytical solutions.

StylishSoft’ s Competence Centers participate in professional communities, attend conferences, round tables and exhibitions. Our engineers provide expert opinions to the media, author by-lined articles and contribute to StylishSoft blog. Moreover, twice a year StylishSoft holds an Innovation Conference – a corporate event to present new technologies and innovations to the entire company.

In selecting development and operating platform for our client projects, we employ a rigorous analysis of multiple factors, including depth of expertise on both client’s and StylishSoft’s sides, maintenance costs, security concerns, integration challenges and applicable regulatory constraints.

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