Системное администрирование

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StylishSoft delivers to partners and customers highly qualified offshore system administrators with the extensive knowledge and experience in the following domains:

  • System administration (Linux, Free BSD, Solaris, Windows)
  • Web server administration (Apache, IIS)
  • Database server administration (MySQL, MSSQL)
  • Scripting (Bash, Perl, Python, Ruby, VB, AutoIt)
  • Mail server administration (Sendmail, postfix, qmail, exim)
  • DNS server administration (MS DNS server, TinyDNS, Bind)
  • Spam fight (SpamAssassin, Spastic)

System Administration (Windows, Linux, Solaris)
To ensure maximum up-time of your system, the team of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals will proactively monitor your systems 24/7 to scope any anomalies and to prevent any issues, detecting them even before the customer can possibly feel the impact. We offer our clients ‘best practices’ technology solutions entirely fitting any custom requirements. We cooperate with the variety of IT companies and provide strong assistance in increasing the efficiency of achieving their goals. Our team will deliver perfect end-to-end solution required to manage and maintain your system regardless of whether it is a massive IDC or a small LAN, serving a business start-up.

Project Administration
Finding an individual to administer a single project is a challenge in terms of the person’s capability to obtain the insight into its particular features. Often qualified project administrator should possess a set of skills including programming & customer service knowledge in addition to excellent system administration flair. Furthermore for the large scale projects the team of such professionals is required. Preferably the team that worked well together in the past. In StylishSoft we are proud to employ personnel that exceeds such expectations.

Training Center
We also launched the sysadmins training program. The individuals with strong PC knowledge are engaged for the courses. We prefer students or graduates from the IT related faculties of the local universities. Our goal is to provide our future employees with a practical experience and eliminate the gaps in their education. The term of training is one month. The students who successfully pass the final test and as a result are employed by StylishSoft get the scholarship.

Tier 3 Support
Tier 3 in other words is the highest level support. Tier 3 sysadmins address the issues escalated by technical support via trouble tickets interface. On the cutting-edge of customer service we are used to work under pressure resolving server-side problems in a timely manner. 24/7 coverage allows to dramatically decrease resolution time and to go beyond the most demanding clients’ expectations.